Who we are

Damiano Oldoni
Damiano Oldoni | Research software engineer

Damiano is a former physicist, trying to create order in the world of taxonomy and alike. He does so by writing elegant software functions to help you speed up your research.

Dimitri Brosens
Dimitri Brosens | Open data publisher

Dimitri is Belgian GBIF node manager at the Belgian Biodiversity Platform. He loves to chat with researchers to help them publish their data. His ultimate goal is to get Belgium on the world map of biodiversity data.

Lien Reyserhove
Lien Reyserhove | LIFE RIPARIAS project coordinator

Lien contributes to biodiversity research by publishing data to GBIF. As an ecologist, she has a passion for open and FAIR data, citizen science and camera traps, with a specific focus on invasive alien species.

Peter Desmet
Peter Desmet | Open data coordinator

Peter is biodiversity informatics geek, passionate about open data and open science. He loves creating visualizations and proper documentation.

Pieter Huybrechts
Pieter Huybrechts | Research software engineer

Pieter is a biologist with a background in ecology and modelling biological systems. He has a strong interest in big data, open science and biodiversity informatics. At home he has an ever growing collection of animal identification books and floras.

Tanja Milotić
Tanja Milotić | LifeWatch project coordinator

Tanja coordinates the LifeWatch INBO project and communication. She strongly believes in the value of open science in biodiversity research.