Reporting on open science

We’re following a course on open access, open data, and open research.

• Peter Desmet

We are following an online course on open science, which is hosted on P2PU and organized by Creative Commons. The course has 3 sessions:

These sessions consist of a short live class with domain experts on Google Hangout, bite-sized tasks for the participants, and an online discussion.

The live classes are a bit late for us (20:00-21:00 CEST), but we do plan to carry out the tasks on our own pace, which include educating ourselves in specific topics, writing blog posts about these, and participating in the online discussions. We will publish these posts on our personal blogs (Peter and Bart) and update this page with links to our posts. We will also announce these on Twitter, so you can follow along and participate in case you are interested.

All material for the course was designed and built by a community of volunteers and is available under a CC BY license, so you can take this course at your own pace as well. You can even earn some badges.