frictionless 1.1.0

We released a new version of our R package frictionless.

• Peter Desmet

Our R package frictionless allows you to read and write Frictionless Data Packages. A Data Package is a simple container format and standard to describe and package a collection of (tabular) data. It is typically used to publish FAIR and open datasets. We use it in the LifeWatch project to publish our bird tracking, fish tracking and camera trap data.

We developed the R package frictionless to facilitate our work, but it has since been picked up by other users and developers. Much of the feedback we gathered is now incorportated in a new release of the package: version 1.1.0.

How to install frictionnless?

The package is available on CRAN and can be installed with:


For more information, see the package documentation.

What has changed?

Quite a lot. See the CHANGELOG.

What is next?

The Data Package standard is currently undergoing changes to be released as a finalized product (Data Package v2), a process we are involved in. We plan to support these changes (and new features!) in an upcoming version of frictionless, so there’s more to come!