Open science lab for biodiversity

We make biodiversity research open and reproducible

👋 We are the Open science lab for biodiversity, an externally funded team at the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO). We aim to make biodiversity research open and reproducible.

We offer technical support to the research projects we participate in, e.g. the Belgian Biodiversity Platform, LifeWatch, TrIAS and GloBAM. Our support is mainly focused on data management, open data publication and research software development. We ❤️ open science, so our approach is open by default, international and community-oriented.

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Research data management workshop
August 29, 2022
Free hands-on introductions to research data management and publication.
CROW: A new tool to watch bird migration in real time
March 09, 2021
We are launching an interactive visualization to follow bird migration detected by weather radars across the Benelux.
Join us now: Best practices for citizen science data
October 19, 2020
Developing a best practice guide for FAIR data.